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Dear friend,

We have a slew of new home electronic products: CD players, mini system, digital voice recorder, DVD player, cordless phones, family radio system, and boomboxes. Pictured here are our line of CD clock radios.  They come in 5 translucent color casings, of which the purple one is on sale below. 

CD clock radios  $49.00


New Product Specials 
Sale ends Nov. 19, 2000 or while quantities last - so act now!

CD clock radio, purple
Sale: $42.00
Regular: $49.00

Boombox, metallic blue
Sale: $42.99
Regular: $49.00

80min MiniDisc, 10pk
Sale: $27.99
Regular: $34.99


650MB CDR, 100-pack
Buy one, get a 36-CD storage rack FREE!

Clear laser labels, 70pk
Sale: $30.00
Regular: $39.99


Slim clear jewel cases, 25pk
Sale: $5.99
Regular: $8.99

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Tip Corner

Why does my copy of a music CD have hisses and clicks?

Find out first where the noises are coming from. Extract the music to your hard drive first, and listen to it. If the WAV file already sounds bad, then the problem is in the extraction process. Maybe you need to clean your source CD; more likely you need to slow down the extraction speed. Try using another drive/burner to extract the tracks.

If the file sounds OK on your hard drive, then the problems are more complicated:
- try extracting to your hard drive first, then recording from there
- try disc-at-once recording instead of track-at-once recording
- try using StripWav to "adjust" your files to the canonical format for WAV files

Of course, if all else fails, it could be that the laser in your writer is misaligned or damaged.

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